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Disclaimer: Registering for a group class? Please, be sure to read the consent form.
Directions: Copy, paste group consent form in an email with your name and date prior to your group session to

 Results-Driven Teaching Modalities

Our highly skilled licensed and pre-licensed clinicians have years of professional experience. 

They've been providing guidance and support for all groups and all ages. You can lean on us!



A Program Plan You Can Stick To

We make learning easy & enjoyable no matter the topic!

Our proprietary teaching method gains appreciation for being modern and engaging.  Boring isn't in the curriculum!


Simple Set-Up & Reliable Support

Our website is available 27/4 to keep you connected

Reach out to us anytime and our rapid response team will be reply as soon as possible. You can always contact us!

Group Consent Form

Onboarding Packet Instructions


Hello, welcome and thank you for taking the time to join S.O.A.R.&L.I.V.E. Inc., psycho-educational groups. Here you will find information about group etiquette and whom to address for questions, comments, and concerns. 


  • Be respectful of group members by allowing one person at a time to talk in efforts to be heard and to be able to convey one’s feelings and thoughts.

  • Please be an active participant in group discussions, this increases the ability to process and apply information presented.


  • Speak kindly and clearly so that others have the opportunity to respond to one another in a safe space.


  • Group confidentiality: asking that you refrain from sharing personal information about group members to others in or outside the group.


  • No rude or foul language toward other members in the group.


  • Reportable concerns are child abuse and elderly abuse.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to email: or 


This form is a consent form that allows for my participation in being involved within the psycho-educational group. I am allowing the clinical instructor to collect data based on the information presented in the group. 



Print: First Name Last Name Date: 



Sign: First Name Last Name Date:

Confidentiality Notice &

Privacy Policy for submissions:

- By submitting this form you hereby agree to share your personal information with S.O.A.R & L.I.V.E. Inc. and authorize consent for it to be used by our organization and business partners.


-By submitting this form you agree that all information is true.

- You also agree to complete the entire Onboarding Packet that is accessible in your email after your payment and form is submitted.

- You authorize our organization to use your personal information to serve you and build a relationship on trust and professionalism.

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