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Family Counseling

Designed to create and maintain familial techniques that reduce familial tension and in improve familial systems.

Individual Counseling

Designed to address specific concerns that are causing discomfort in areas of your life that matter most to you. 

Sexual Addictions

Designed to learn about psychosexual crisis and to reduce triggering sexual deviances

Anger Management

Designed for court mandated and non court mandated individuals who seek to reduce problematic behavior due to lack of emotional intelligence 

Local Gardening

Designed for students know importance of using local gardens to develop healthy skills

Peer 2 Peer

This space is designed for ages 16-18 addressing transitional development 

Designed to address the marital concerns that are preventing union within your relationship.


Domestic Violence

Designed to address emotional, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse within intimate relationships







Designed to educate parents on parent-child relationship strategies to enhance child psychological development.





Designed to assist youth in completing tasks assist in transitioning into adulthood successfully

Domestic Life Skills for Youth

Designed to provide youth with social skills and tools emphasizing the importance mediation and other coping skills

Teen Social Safety

Nutritional Classes

Designed to teach children about the benefits of healthy choices

Youth Activities:


 Please go to the registration page for more services offered. For additional information feel free to chat with us below or check our calendar for upcoming events.

Group Counseling

Designed to address an array of life's issues in a group setting in efforts to gain diverse perspective of tool and techniques.

Domestic Life Skills for Adults

Designed to assist adults in the importance of  completing societal tasks

Tween Social Safety

Designed to allow youth to have a safe space to discuss sensitive topics in their lives and learn skills to protect themselves.

Academic Guidance

Designed to assist student in their academic endeavors 

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