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5 Reasons to Join a Concierge Group Counseling or Concierge Therapy...

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Often times you may feel alone in a world filled with so many people. We are here to support the process of learning to identify, understand, and heal all aspects of you. The process of discovering and becoming an authentic version of yourself that you love and admire is often a very brutal and joyous process. Joining a concierge therapy group offers you accessible counselors that offer specialize counseling and therapies, continuous support, innovative therapies, evidence-based assessments, Non-Appointment therapy sessions, individual, family, and group sessions available, comfortable environments that foster healing and personal growth necessary to see you through the phenomenal process of life.

1. Accessibility- When you become a member of S.O.A.R. & L.I.V.E.'s concierge counseling or therapy group. You gain access to therapists, counselors, and life coaches available to you from 4 hours to 100 hours per month. 2. Continuous Support- Aftercare process that follow-up with you far into the future as necessary for you to thrive. 3.Innovative Therapies - Depending on your needs, innovative interventions may consist of but not limited to at the office, in-home therapy sessions, out-of-office or environmental therapy, gardening therapeutics, indoor/outdoor art therapy, parent-child centered therapy, at-school/work sessions, ect. Innovative therapies are generally available during second and third phases of therapy/ treatment. 4. Evidence-based assessments - Assessments are useful tools that assist with identifying challenging areas of your life and assist with developing effective treatment plans that fit the needs of you (the client). 5. Non-Appointment therapy sessions- Have you ever planned a family resolution meeting. Generally this meeting consist of Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner with family or friends who may display negative attributes towards one another in response to unresolved resentments. Often unresolved resentments take on shapes of non-verbal communications like rolling eyes, long or heavy sighs, yelling and blaming, substance abuse or escape to avoid underlining issues. Well we offer non-appointment emergency therapy sessions that assist with supportive response and repair and to Platinum members.

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