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What is a Social Sinewist You Ask??? Individuals, groups, diverse generations, associations, organizations that bind together to give strength to a system or a structure. Social Sinewists come in all ages via volunteering, to professional interning or donating. Fill out the form to the right to become an volunteer or professional intern today.


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Team Work Makes the Dream Work lets build Together

Support building the holistic community wellness center and rebirth homes.

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As a community partner, your contributions are directly woven into this beautiful fabric of humanity to foster the healing of our communities by healing individuals, families and groups. S.O.A.R. & L.I.V.E. Inc., believes it is an honor to serve the community and would like to thank you in advance for being the SOCIAL SINEWISTS that partner with us to achieve our goals by accepting monetary donations to fulfill the mission of healing individual, families, groups and communities. Please take a moment to glimpse at our goals, and do not hesitate to donate and be part of building something great!                 









We are fortunate to have sponsors like you that consistently believed in our vision of Humanity, Holistic Health Is Wealth For All Americans.


Automatically donate a $1 a month to help stop stigmas of Mental Health in America

















Short Term Goals:

  • To establish and build cohesive ComeUnity relationships with equity and diversity.

  • To provide local non-invasive mental health services to individuals, couples, and families.

  • To destigmatize mental health by providing outpatient services, Social Safety psycho-education groups, Human trafficking awareness education, and ComeUnity togetherness activities.

  • To support ComeUnity cohesion and inclusion of local businesses and community inhabitants' by providing safe spaces for community members and business owners to identify solutions to safety challenges. 

  • To provide safe clinical environments for mental health internships.  

  • To provide employment resources and opportunities. 

  • To provide a variety of health and wellness alternatives to optimize your mental and physical wellbeing.                         

Long-Term Goals:

  • ComeUnity Health & Wellness Ranch: land acquisition to develop a ComeUnity health & wellness. family recreational property. Here we will offer a very broad variety of holistic and traditional services to address mental and physical well-being for all ComeUnity members.

  • To establish and offer Wellness Rebirth Homes: a safe space designed for individuals, couples, and families to learn to grow closer and develop interpersonal living skills necessary to build a healthy home environment. 

Stop Stigmas of
Mental Health

Help us make a difference

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