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Welcome to S.O.A.R.&L.I.V.E.,Inc.

Start Overcoming Adverse Recurrences and Living Innovative Values of Empowerment.


At S.O.A.R. & L.I.V.E., Inc., the core of all that we do is inspired by children, youth, young adults, and families. Providing Mental Health Services to all members of the family and community.

We have designed mobile programs by partnering with your local community resources to enhance one's educational abilities, employment abilities, parenting skills, health and wellness awareness, as well as cultivate the importance of exploration to thrive.


Hands On Learning

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Hands on Learning provides the opportunity for children and youth to experience a less invasive modality of therapy to heal from past traumas. Promoting:

  • healthy coping skills

  • healthy communication skills

  • team building skills

  • fun way to learn and process information.

Please be sure to check the calendar for local events.​

Couples Enrichment Therapy

Revitalize Your Relationship by taking the time out to invest in customized packages that meet the needs of the couple. The therapeutic packages consist of phases that include homework assignments,  workshops, and destination conferences.
These services are designed to ignite, support and assist the couple in recreating exciting cohesiveness to improve the appreciation of the dynamics of the relationship. Please contact us for more information on our customized packages.

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Dedicated Clinicians

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We believe in building a community of  well informed and healed children, youth, and groups through our resocialization
exercises and existential interventions.

Our professional clinicians are dedicated to providing evidenced based  assessments, education, and skill development via enjoyable diverse  modalities to encompass the diverse processing styles. Scroll down to chat with our personnel today to see what clinician is right for you, your family or group. 


Feel free to explore the blogs and find tips, resources and solutions to increasing your psychological well being.

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